Comment 1 for bug 1783413

Ryan Harper (raharper) wrote :

A volume group called vg0 already exists.

Hrm, looking at the curtin log, it didn't detect a vg0 volume group.

Current device storage tree:
|-- sda2
`-- sda1
`-- md127
`-- md127
`-- md127
`-- md127
Shutdown Plan:
{'level': 1, 'device': '/sys/class/block/sda/sda2', 'dev_type': 'partition'}
{'level': 1, 'device': '/sys/class/block/sda/sda1', 'dev_type': 'partition'}
{'level': 1, 'device': '/sys/class/block/md127', 'dev_type': 'raid'}
{'level': 0, 'device': '/sys/class/block/sda', 'dev_type': 'disk'}
{'level': 0, 'device': '/sys/class/block/vdb', 'dev_type': 'disk'}
{'level': 0, 'device': '/sys/class/block/vda', 'dev_type': 'disk'}
{'level': 0, 'device': '/sys/class/block/vdc', 'dev_type': 'disk'}
{'level': 0, 'device': '/sys/class/block/vdd', 'dev_type': 'disk'}

We wipe the contents of the assembled raid device, so if that previously held lvm info; that'll get wiped. We run a lvm scan to see if any devices are present but none showed.

If you still have access to system, can you run a few commands:

pvs -a, vgs -a, lvs -a
dmsetup ls
dmsetup status