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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #804559: portable semaphore implementation Undecided Confirmed 98 weeks

From: Fredrik Ullner
Link: dcpp_semaphore.diff


Bug #689460: Different share for different hubs Undecided Fix Committed 195 weeks

From: Fredrik Ullner
Link: dice.diff


Bug #1010996: ADC searches are not handled correctly Undecided New 235 weeks

From: maksis
Link: ShareManager2.patch


Bug #545264: Shows hub as unregged even if it is offline Undecided Fix Committed 384 weeks

From: eMTee
Link: adchubcounts.patch


Bug #551184: After filelist download DC++ tries to do a folder move operation in some cases Undecided Fix Committed 384 weeks

From: eMTee
Link: filelistmove.patch


Bug #556853: Its not possible to share a whole drive in random cases Undecided Fix Committed 385 weeks

From: eMTee
Link: FileFindIter.patch


Bug #350311: Double context menu in Finished frames Undecided New 438 weeks

From: eMTee
Link: diff.txt


Bug #317339: DC++ downloads with segmented downloading after disabling Undecided Fix Committed 446 weeks

From: PsychicSword
Link: RSX SVN Patch.patch

RSX Diff file

Bug #258526: filter "is kicking" message Undecided New 470 weeks

From: Yada
Link: nmdchub.cpp.patch


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