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Bug #1530734: python3 compatibility Undecided New 176 weeks

From: Giovanni Pellerano

Bug #1334020: I sometimes get a KeyError when doing something with References Undecided New 256 weeks

From: Matt Haggard
Link: b1334020.diff

Failing test case

Bug #1170063: Storm crashes on recent psycopg2 Undecided Fix Committed 262 weeks

From: Gaudenz Steinlin
Link: psycopg2.5.patch

Psycopg >= 2.5 compatibility

Bug #1199578: storm-0.20 installs tests directory in site-packages Undecided New 306 weeks

From: Mike Gilbert
Link: storm-0.20-exclude-tests.patch


Bug #927433: Postgresql/psycopg2 does not like str enum values Undecided New 380 weeks

From: brane
Link: postgres-enum.patch


Bug #919059: get_cls_info is not threadsafe High Triaged 383 weeks

From: najeira

Bug #909440: lazy loading of columns not supported Undecided New 386 weeks

From: Matt Haggard
Link: direction.diff

What my plans are

Bug #871035: postgres text array quoting Undecided New 397 weeks

From: Bozo Dragojevic
Link: test-list-text-variable.patch

testcase that demonstrates the bug

Bug #760872: summing Decimal returns float instead of Decimal Undecided New 423 weeks

From: Matt Haggard
Link: testcases.diff

Test cases that make it fail

Bug #678014: unable to search on raw string in sqlite database Undecided New 443 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij
Link: storm-no-buffer.diff


Bug #676702: Foreign Keys support for SQLite Undecided New 444 weeks
Bug #664056: Duplicate table in JOINs when using more than one Proxy attribute in the same class Undecided New 448 weeks

From: Edoardo Serra
Link: bug-664056.patch


Bug #389135: Raw 'SELECT 1' causes problems with Oracle Undecided New 518 weeks

From: Jason Baker
Link: basediff.txt

A patch to create a DUMMY_SELECT attribute.

Bug #382794: storm.zope wont work when used with zope2 Undecided New 520 weeks

From: Fernando Correa Neto
Link: storm-zcml.diff

storm/zope/configure.zcml patch

Bug #324724: local_variables_are_none() check in Reference.__get__() not always appropriate Undecided New 537 weeks

From: James Henstridge
Link: backref-pending-add.patch


Bug #307516: NamerError due to typo Undecided New 545 weeks

From: Drew Smathers
Link: 275_274.diff


Bug #279945: ZStorm tied too closely to threaded transaction managers Undecided New 550 weeks

From: James Henstridge
Link: zstorm-transaction-manager.patch


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