Comment 0 for bug 505570

I hope that this is the correct place to do this. I use this software all the time while I am out stargazing. I have a large dobsonian telescope that I star gaze with. This software I use to guide me nightly when I am out, to help me locate what is visible. Because I use this so often, I have found some functionality that I would like to see added. It would be great to have a "whats visible tonight" feature. Ideally giving a list of most visible to least visible. This would save a lot of time searching around the sky in the program. Another feature that would be very nice is to modify the nebula visibility feature. In this feature if you could select different types of objects to sort through. Being able to select galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters, and planetary nebula separately would stream be awesome. I often find myself trying to see all galaxies or all planetary nebula on a given night. The slide bar that chooses how much to show is a very handy feature, but can it be changed to select by magnitude and display the magnitude greater than a value. Many telescopes have a limit of say magnitude 8 or 10 to block everything that would not be seen would be very nice.
I say all this as suggestions for improvement. I am completely impressed with the quality and functionality for this software. I use it all the time that is why I wanted to suggest improvements that would make using it easier for me and likely easier for others.
Great product guys!
-Jon Beard