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Bug #499971 reported by Dave Chapman on 2009-12-23
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When simulating Moon phase in millennia far in the past or future (say 2000 years), the face of the Moon is rotated East or West, respectively, relative to its tidally locked orientation. For example, when simulating the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of -1 June 17, the Moon is rotated about 40 degrees East so that Mare Crisium is totally hidden behind the limb. I have found the same bug in other programs, but not all.

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gzotti (georg-zotti) wrote :


It seems the lunar rotation is modelled too simple. It also appears to show a polar libration, i.e., it swings considerably in selenographic latitude. Is the lunar body in a false reference system?

As preliminary fix for rotation, find the file Stellarium/data/ssystem.ini (on Mac, I guess it's in the folder) and in section [moon], change

rot_periode = 655.7181

or some other slightly smaller value. This is no complete bugfix, beware, it just keeps the moon facing the earth well into the 4th millennium BC. The "polar swing" is not solved by this. More accurate libration formulae could be found in the literature.

Also, if Earth's rotation is really only taken from the data in ssystem.ini, this seems not to be enough for simulating long-time effects. (But I did not read enough code so far.)


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Dave Chapman (dave-chapman) wrote :

Libration in longitude and latitude of up to about 9 degrees is about right. They have independent causes: latitude is simply due to the tilt of the Moon's orbit, which takes it above and below the equator; longitude is dues to inconstant motion along the eccentric orbit. I will try the rotations speed fix.

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Nick Fedoseev (nick-ut2uz) wrote :

Just a note.
The difference between real occultation of Aldebaran and simulated by Stellarium is ~35 seconds. Seems to be too high.

gzotti (georg-zotti) wrote :

Nick this is a position error I added in This bug here is about rotation, but yes, position and physical ephemeris must be worked over.

gzotti (georg-zotti) on 2016-09-04
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gzotti (georg-zotti) on 2017-05-14
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gzotti (georg-zotti) on 2017-10-01
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