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oh yes!
so I think the best solution is to search/create a landscape for
- rocky asteroids and moons,
- gaseous planets,
- the sun
- other objects (icy satellites for example)
and then associate this landscape in the relevant item in "ssystem.ini" adding the keyword "landscape= name"...

I think that the one for rocky asteroids and moons should be set as the default, as the number of such objects is great ...

I think that "saturn" landscape (by Michael Smith) could be adapted (by means of PhotoShop work) for Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, while something like "moon" (taken from the Apollo mission, NASA) could be adapted to obtain something useful for rocky asteroids and moons...
I guess that the most difficult could be the default landscape for Io, the famous Galilean Moons!


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Subject: [Bug 1173254] Re: Automatic change of landscape on planet change

Pierluigi, please read comments by Bogdan Marinov.

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  Automatic change of landscape on planet change

Status in Stellarium:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  I'm using "guereins" as a landscape (I like that ocean of grass!), but if I want to change my point of view, this landscape remains for all the other objects of the solar system...
  If you open the "Location window" (key F6) you can change your position from the list box named "Planet:" ...
  so you can "go to" Saturn but unfortunately the default landscape remains, giving us an excellent photograph of a terraphormed Ringed Planet !!


  I know it's trivial to change landscapes, but I'd like to see a minimum level of authomatism in my favorite Astronomical program!!

  BTW Starry Night Pro Plus changes landscape according to the chosen


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