Comment 6 for bug 1893988

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: r/stx.4.0

commit 30ea079a047a9990d48566f72ab42a2c11285da0
Author: Don Penney <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Sep 2 15:16:41 2020 -0400

    Filter new pylint warning W0707

    A new warning introduced in pylint 2.6, W0707 raise-missing-from, is
    causing tox and zuul pylint tests to fail. This update filters the new

    Change-Id: Ifa4daf575d3b993d2fe65d895e5c0cd40a0cbcae
    Closes-Bug: 1893988
    Signed-off-by: Don Penney <email address hidden>
    (cherry picked from commit a944973da4f0a18e06ee26b5132d03e007e3e1d3)