Comment 3 for bug 1844223

YaoLe (yaole) wrote :


Can you show your command to create the vlan network.

And maybe you can do as following steps:

#Check if the application has been re-applied successfully.
system application-list

#Check the neutron OVS agents are initialized correctly
kubectl -n openstack get pod | grep neutron

#Create a vlan network connected to the vlan datanetwork.
export OS_CLOUD=openstack_helm
ADMINID=`openstack project list | grep admin | awk '{print $2}'`

openstack network create --project ${ADMINID} --provider-network-type=vlan --provider-physical-network=${Your vlan datanetwork name} netvlan

openstack subnet create --project ${ADMINID} netvlan-subnet --network netvlan --subnet-range