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Bug #296271 reported by Martin Owens on 2008-11-10
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Ruben Romero

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The OS Specific data is sometimes not needed. For instanceif I upload an image for a penguin, that isn't ubuntu specific but is still useful for people creating other ubuntu works.

Please add a 'Not Distrobution Specific' or a 'Gnu/Linux' and 'FLOSS' entries.

Evan Boldt (echowarp) wrote :

My main problem with this is that it IS called "spreadUBUNTU".

I am certainly not opposed to spreading Linux or any other GNU software. However, for organization I think it might be best to have a separate site for each specific one. Perhaps one could handle individual software, one could do the Linux OS in general.

You are welcome to take the framework that has been worked on and use it yourself.

To note it is specifically for component images. Those which are not for
any ubuntu because they are not specific to it. It would be disingenuous
to claim Tux is for Ubuntu but also useful to have such images available
for Ubuntu media.

Ruben Romero (huayra) wrote :

I want this project to focus on spreading ubuntu marketing material, as I
believe that ubuntu has the widest and most including community available in
the FLOSS world.

Now this implies that we should always seek to cooperate with other towards
the same goal, which in the end is to spread the free software ecosystem as
a whole.

So, that why our project is open source. our code is available and can be at
any stage be forked or tailored for use for others to use.

I would like to see cooperation with other communities in this regard and
change the base for the project to reflect that, i.e: SpreadUbuntu could be
based in this new project that we can call SpreadFLOSS. The general work
would be done in the SpredFLOSS "trunk" from where SpreadUbuntu would take
what it needs and change what it doesn't need in its own "trunk".

I would love this to happen, but right now we have to focus on our primary
user base: Ubuntu LoCo teams and ubuntu enthusiasts worldwide. We can work
parallel with other to spreadFLOSS, but that goes beyond the scope of the
SpreadUbuntu project.


Evan Boldt (echowarp) wrote :

I would like to re-emphasize that there is no problem with making your own fork, or other site.

Once this framework is more refined, I would be more than happy to help set it up on another host for other Open Source purposes.

Martin Owens (doctormo) wrote :

I have NO interest in a fork, I'm the leader of Ubuntu Massachusetts
LoCo team. I work for Canonical on ubuntu. I develop a mirriad of
projects all for ubuntu.

Just because the website is for ubuntu doesn't mean people won't need
component images for open source, free software, gnu, linux or any other
powerful trademarks for use in their UBUNTU related media.

Component images are just as much a part of building up our UBUNTU
repository of images as UBUNTU specific posters and stickers.

Please don't put words in my mouth, I've very insulted.

Regards, Martin

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 15:37 +0000, Evan Boldt wrote:
> I would like to re-emphasize that there is no problem with making your
> own fork, or other site.
> Once this framework is more refined, I would be more than happy to help
> set it up on another host for other Open Source purposes.

Ruben Romero (huayra) on 2008-11-17
Changed in spreadubuntu:
assignee: nobody → huayra
importance: Undecided → Medium
milestone: none → 0.2
status: New → Confirmed
Ruben Romero (huayra) wrote :

Martin, I don't believe it was Evan's intention to insult anyone. He was just trying to show that he was willing to help, IF anyone wanted to set up a similar site.

I have personally seen your work and appreciate very much. We are just trying to build the best possible solution for a DIY repository; the most feedback we get, the better.

I see your point about the restrictive OS specific approach we have taken and will personally see it bettering somehow before the 0.2 release. I ask you kindly to stay tuned and give feedback as much as you can. I will update this bug as things move along. If you have concrete ideas on how to better implement this or other features please add a Blueprint to the project and I will be more theh happy to work on it.

Martin Owens (doctormo) wrote :

I was probably too sharp with my criticism of your handling of this bug, so I appologise. Sometimes it can get frustrating when people don't understand any of the points your trying to communicate. But that's my problem not yours.

OK, so say I want to add my Understanding FOSS slide show, it's not Ubuntu, but it very much applies to LoCo education. Which category should I add it to?

I want to serve Local Community groups with the best resources available, I don't want us to limit ourselves to just items with Ubuntu branding. Because that is far, far too limited a scope. I believe that you are trying to categorise branding with reliance and this is not the correct way of sorting out this classification.

I understand that your asking for another site for other classifications, but how does that help Ubuntu LoCo teams? they have to go searching several external sites for media and component images with which to remix into their new and original Ubuntu specific works.

Instead of picking arbitrary classifications that have no real baring on LoCo teams. Should we instead be thinking about how best to serve those teams with _all_ the media that they need, not just Ubuntu branded media?

We don't need external sites, we just need some 'Other' category with which to classify some images which are VERY relevant to LoCo teams.

Evan Boldt (echowarp) on 2009-08-13
Changed in spreadubuntu:
importance: Medium → Undecided
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