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Bug Description

In earlier releases of Ubuntu, I was able to click on the rhythmbox icon in the notification area to display the Rhythmbox window.

Now with the indicator applet taking on this functionality, I need to click on the icon, move the mouse down to select 'Show Rhythmbox' from the menu, and click again.

It would be great if double clicking on the rhythmbox icon would display the Rhythmbox window. This should keep the existing indicator applet functionality without regressing the functionality I commonly use.

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Yachar (yach) wrote :

Even better : put some gconf entry to modify this behaviour.
This is really annoying and I guess a lot of users will be disappointed / will not understand this change.

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Conrad Steenberg (conrad-steenberg) wrote :

+1 for using double-click to show rhythmbox, same goes for Sound and Battery etc. that are linked to only one app.

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erlguta (gonzalomarcote) wrote :

Yes. This this functionality would be nice.

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Herbert V. Riedel (hvr) wrote :

imho, an additional regression is, that I can't just hover over the icon to show the current playing item's meta information - instead I have to click and then find the information presented in a rather unreadable grayed out menu item...

I'm still wondering why the rhytmbox indicator was changed at all :-/

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Conrad Steenberg (conrad-steenberg) wrote :

How about showing the current status of indicator applets using notifications?

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Rodrigo Dias Cruz (rodrigodc) wrote :

I agree with all the comments above, the usability is worse now.

Also, there is no longer a way to *hide* rhythmbox at all. I can only minimize it, as I can do with any other window, but that is not what I want: I want to hide it at all.

Previously, I could click on the notification icon to show / hide rhythmbox. Now that things changed, there is a way to show it by clicking on "Show rhythmbox", but there is *no way to hide it*.

Of course I think it would be better to be able to show / hide by only clicking (or double clicking) the notification icon, but I would already be happy if I only had an option to click on something like "Hide rhythmbox" in the notification icon menu.


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Richard de Boer (rich-home-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

I also feel usability has suffered, adding to the list that the middle mouse button doesn't do anything anymore: clicking it used to pause/unpause and scrolling the mousewheel controlled the volume.

Hiding the window is still possible: Go to edit>plugins>status icon>configure, and set 'Status Icon' to 'Owns the main window'. Then you can close the window to hide it, Rhythmbox won't actually quit unless you seek out the 'Quit' option in its menu.

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Carey (carey) wrote :

Please allow mouse wheel for volume up/down (this used to work), as Richard de Boer has pointed out above. I see no reason for not allowing this.

For show/hide double click, I believe there would be an issue with modifying click functionality for only some icons. I imagine that the usability rules of indicator-applet would be one-click for show/hide of the _menu_ as is for all other icons (volume icon, that not-terribly-useful mail/chat icon thing, etc). So it might not be too easy to have this changed due to this issue. But I'm just assuming here, I don't actually know if there are any rules.

What I do is dedicate a workspace to Rhythmbox, and then configure easy shortcuts to swap workspaces. This way I can click, say, windows key + 6 to go to workspace 6, which is where I have Rhythmbox open. So I have super easy access to Rhythmbox and thus I'm not inconvenienced by this issue :-).

Another fix for this: I think if people remove indicator-applet, Rhythmbox should put an icon in the Notification Area as it used to (I'm surprised it doesn't do this already), then users who really want the old functionality can have it by doing this. (And a note for these people removing indicator-applet: you can add the old volume back by adding 'gnome-volume-control-applet' to your startup applications).

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eagsalazar (eagsalazar) wrote :

I agree the new indicator applet's usability is way down from before.

1. Multiple clicks to get show IM buddies, rhythmbox
2. Batter *must have* percentage. Why? No way to tell if I want to unplug my laptop, how much battery I have left. Only saying "1hr remaining until charged" does not tell me if I have enough battery to take my laptop to the john with me or not.

The HIG specifically states that panel applications should be shown/hidden with a single click. Most apps have respected this behavior for a long time.

Other semi related issue:

Empathy buddies window is dismissable with esc (which seems ok but strange) however chats are not! WTF?

Anyway, please make changes where the changes are bringing new and useful functionality, don't make changes just to be new and cool.

Thanks, seriously because there is really good new functionality but I think you guys need to roll the UI decisions regarding this new indicator applet back to the old UI.

One question, why oh why was using the notification applet for these things not good enough?

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eagsalazar (eagsalazar) wrote :

Oh, also, battery should show status on hover. Really it is nuts that this functionality has been removed (although I'm pretty sure it wasn't removed, everything was rewritten from scratch for fun and the hover functionality hasn't been added back or it was forgotten.

Summary: add back the show battery status popup on hover.

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eagsalazar (eagsalazar) wrote :

Lastly, why are the icons in the indicator applet so spaced apart??

1. Not everyone has huge monitors and that space is precious
2. It makes the spacing inconsistent with the notification area so it just looks bad
3. Why?

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eagsalazar (eagsalazar) wrote :

Hi, please carefully read section 2.4.4 of the HIG regarding notification area interactions:

Single left click => show/hide main window
Double left click => default action (play, etc)
Right click => menu

+ icons should show tooltips

(wow 0/4, nice job. Does no one review major changes to Gnome for gross HIG violations? Jeez.)

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Jason Smith (jassmith) wrote :

Plese keep bugs on topic.

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quickridge (amhankin) wrote :

I agree with the points made in the reported bug.

I think the indicator should have the same functionality as it did in karmic:

single-click - hide/show rhythmbox
right-click - display menus and options

In opinion adding a double click feature would be confusing and unnecessary.

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andresql (quiroga-andres) wrote :

the old indicator was way better. Is any way to get it back? now is very hard and slow to show rythmbox

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Stuart Bishop (stub) wrote :

Removed duplicate - my bug report had nothing to do with removal from the panel. It is a usability regression.

Suggesting for 100papercuts as it seems to meet criteria. I guess it depends on what design is chosen to address this.

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Vish (vish) wrote :

Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. However, a paper cut should be a small usability issue, in the default Ubuntu install, that affects many people and is quick and easy to fix. So this bug can't be addressed as part of this project.

- This is an intended design change , for more information kindly read >
For further information about papercuts criteria, please read

Changed in hundredpapercuts:
status: New → Invalid
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Tim (tzakharov) wrote :

On a related note, how do you get Rhythmbox to open to full screen automatically when you launch it? It seems to open minimized to the Indicator Applet, which forces me to then click on the indicator applet icon, then click "Show Rhythmbox". I just want it to show in the first place when I launch it. I don't understand the purpose of this behavior...

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Jan (jancborchardt-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

You might want to look at the specific drafts for the new sound menu:

They include the media player with controls.

Changed in indicator-applet:
status: New → Invalid
Changed in soundmenu:
status: New → In Progress
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HeWhoE (hewhoe) wrote :

Any chance of a fix in the near future? This is really irritating!

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Mr.Pantucci (lorenzo-orlandini) wrote :

I am with H.V. Riedel, who said

imho, an additional regression is, that I can't just hover over the icon to show the current playing item's meta information - instead I have to click and then find the information presented in a rather unreadable grayed out menu item...

Lord Almighty is this annoying. Please fix this asap! :(

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