Comment 3 for bug 991535

Am 04/30/12 18:03, schrieb HessiJames:
> Very cool, thanks.
> May I ask how you came up with that solution.
> ** Changed in: soundkonverter
> Status: New => Fix Committed
More or less by chance. I started by trying to calculate correct
Musicbrainz discIDs, based on track offsets, using sha1 and encoded the
result with base64. Unfortunately I was not successful with that. But
while working on that I found out that Musicbrainz has not only the disc
IDs but also complete TOCs of the discs available on their website
including the lead out track offset. And while comparing those with the
one calculated I realized the off-by-one issue in the lead-out track
offset. Pretty cool. :-)

I'm still wondering that this is working for discs with data sessions.
Obviously the algorithm differs from the one they've written on their
website (where the lead-out offset is calculated differently). But I
think most (if not all not imported from freedb) discs in the
Musicbrainz DB have been inserted by using their tool "picard". I've
also used this tool to add the disc ID to my data-track test disc. And
lookups for that disc are succesful now using the native interface. I
guess the patch is right and their website is wrong.

Best regards