Soundconverter unable to delete/create files with "#" in folder path name

Bug #1887102 reported by Beorn Morder on 2020-07-10
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Bug Description

converting a folder from mp3 to ogg.

the path to the folder has a "#" in the name.
/home/user/Music/#1 Album/

file appears to finish conversion, however the new file is never completed, the temp file remains, and soundconverter freezes up.

No pertinent information in syslog, running soundconverter in debug mode doesn't appear to have any errors, but the last line printed to terminal is a delete function.

deleting: 'file:///home/user/Files/Music/Smiths/%231%20The%20Smiths%20(February%201984)/08%20-%20What%20Difference%20Does%20It%20Make.mp3'
/home/user/Files/Music/Smiths/#1 The Smiths (February 1984)/08 - What Difference Does It Make.mp3~549258~SC~ -> /home/user/Files/Music/Smiths/#1 The Smiths (February 1984)/08_-_What_Difference_Does_It_Make.ogg

Converting files without a "#" character completes correctly without any errors.

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sezanzeb (sezanzeb) wrote :

Thanks for the bug report!

This has possibly been fixed in

Please try running soundconverter from the latest source (see readme of and report if it works there. If you need help with installing it from the py3k branch, let me know.

Beorn Morder (beornmorder) wrote :

negatory. The latest commit still is giving me issues. Thank you for sending a link to the applicable code - I'll take a look at it when I get a second, and see if I can fix...
         result = os.path.join(folder, urllib.parse.quote(basefolder), urllib.parse.quote(result))

Gtk-Message: 14:32:43.626: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
SoundConverter 3.0.2
/usr/local/lib/soundconverter/python/soundconverter/ Warning: g_value_type_transformable: assertion 'src_type' failed

(SoundConverter:101855): Gtk-WARNING **: 14:32:43.740: ../../../../gtk/gtkliststore.c:834: Unable to convert from (null) to gchararray
walking: 'file:///home/beorn/Downloads/Ali%20Farka%20Toure%23/%231999_Niafunke'
analysing file integrity
Queue start: 10 tasks, 8 thread(s).
adding: 10 files
Queue done in 0.052s (10 tasks)

Beorn Morder (beornmorder) wrote :

I got this from the python doc or [urllib.parse](

Characters in the netloc attribute that decompose under NFKC normalization (as used by the IDNA encoding) into any of /, ?, #, @, or : will raise a ValueError. If the URL is decomposed before parsing, no error will be raised.

Not sure what that means or how that's effecting line 121 in

result = os.path.join(folder, urllib.parse.quote(basefolder), urllib.parse.quote(result))

I'll print the result variable from each step of the process - and see what text is being stored in it.

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