soundconvertor crashes when converting from CWD

Bug #1509108 reported by on 2015-10-22
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Bug Description

When I use 'add folder' to add a number of files to soundconvertor it crashes on conversion if I enter the folder before choosing 'open'. If I remain a level below and choose 'open' then the conversion will complete normally.

version 2.1.5 on Ubuntu 15.04

to replicate:
start soundconvertor
choose 'Add Folder'
navigate to a folder containing the files to convert and enter it so you can see the files
choose 'open'
files will appear in queue
press 'convert'
program will exit unexpectedly after one or two file conversions

if you remain outside the folder to be converted and simply select it rather than entering it before choosing 'open', then the convert step will complete normally for the entire file list.

GautierPortet (kassoulet) wrote :

I can't reproduce the problem. Can you retry with "soundconverter --debug" and paste here the result?

Changed in soundconverter:
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importance: Undecided → High
assignee: nobody → GautierPortet (kassoulet) (keitj) wrote :
Download full text (14.9 KiB)

SoundConverter 2.1.5
  using Gstreamer version: 0.10.36
  using 4 thread(s)
  using gio
  "faac" gstreamer element not found, disabling AAC output.
walking: 'file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20&%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)'
Queue start: 15 tasks, 4 thread(s).
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/01%20Babel.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/01 Babel.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/02%20Whispers%20In%20the%20Dark.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/02 Whispers In the Dark.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/03%20I%20Will%20Wait.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/03 I Will Wait.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/04%20Holland%20Road.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/04 Holland Road.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/01%20Babel.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/05%20Ghosts%20That%20We%20Knew.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/05 Ghosts That We Knew.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/02%20Whispers%20In%20the%20Dark.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/06%20Lover%20of%20the%20Light.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/06 Lover of the Light.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/03%20I%20Will%20Wait.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/07%20Lovers'%20Eyes.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/07 Lovers' Eyes.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/04%20Holland%20Road.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/08%20Reminder.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/08 Reminder.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/05%20Ghosts%20That%20We%20Knew.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/09%20Hopeless%20Wanderer.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/09 Hopeless Wanderer.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/06%20Lover%20of%20the%20Light.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///media/kapn/9016-4EF8/Mumford%20%26%20Sons/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/10%20Broken%20Crown.m4a" ! typefind name=typefinder ! fakesink'
have_type: audio/x-m4a s/Babel (Deluxe Version)/10 Broken Crown.m4a
found_type s/Babel%20(Deluxe%20Version)/07%20Lovers'%20Eyes.m4a
launching: 'giosrc location="file:///me...

GautierPortet (kassoulet) wrote :

Thank you Keith.

Unfortunately, I can't see what's wrong here. It seems that the file chooser itself crashed, and I can't figure out why... (keitj) wrote :

Would it be helpful to have dumps from two different sessions converting the same files, but one succeeding and one failing because of the starting location?

If not, I can leave it be now that I've found a workaround.

GautierPortet (kassoulet) wrote :

The successful session is not needed. Thank you very much for your help.

Michael Schwendt (mschwendt) wrote :

> gtkfilesystemmodel.c:746:gtk_file_system_model_sort: assertion failed: (r == n_visible_rows)
> Aborted (core dumped)

That's an ancient bug in GTK+2 that is supposed to be fixed in GTK+3 only so far:

It's been taking down arbitrary applications that use GTK+'s internal file dialog, not only Soundconverter.

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