Snap names regexes are inconsistent or too permissive

Bug #1763048 reported by Natalia Bidart on 2018-04-11
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Bug Description

Currently, the store restricts snap names to comply with:

package_name_re_str = r'^[a-z0-9-]*[a-z][a-z0-9-]*$'

The regex above allows snap names of one single char (even '-') being registered.

The reviewer tools allow for: r'^[a-z0-9-]*[a-z][a-z0-9-]*$' plus some extra checks (see check_name method in

Snapd allow for: the same regex than the store plus some extra checks, see

Snapcraft does not seem to enforce any regex (or I couldn't find one) -- I think we can leave this as is.

We want to ensure snapd, c-r-t and the store are consistent and do not allow one-char snap names being registered, nor having - at the beginning or end of a name, nor -- in it (similar to what snapd does but also restricting the min length).

John Lenton (chipaca) wrote :

Just to be clear, at the time of writing all projects do the same check: they check that regexp, and that it neither starts nor ends with a dash, nor contains a double dash, nor is longer than 40 characters. The rationale for doing it like this instead of with a single regexp is well documented in the projects themselves; for example, from snapd:

// the full regexp we could use, "^(?:[a-z0-9]+-?)*[a-z](?:-?[a-z0-9])*$", is
// O(2ⁿ) on the length of the string in python. An equivalent regexp that
// doesn't have the nested quantifiers that trip up Python's re would be
// "^(?:[a-z0-9]|(?<=[a-z0-9])-)*[a-z](?:[a-z0-9]|-(?=[a-z0-9]))*$", but Go's
// regexp package doesn't support look-aheads nor look-behinds, so in order to
// have a unified implementation in the Go and Python bits of the project
// we're doing it this way instead. Check the length (if applicable), check
// this regexp, then check the dashes.

Sergio Schvezov (sergiusens) wrote :

Isn't this a dup of LP: #1751447 ?

Changed in snapcraft:
status: New → Incomplete
John Lenton (chipaca) wrote :

Sergio, I left it open because this one explicitly mentions min length, which I think we're not checking.

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

The minimum length check is now implemented in trunk.

Changed in click-reviewers-tools:
status: New → Fix Released
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