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Sly Gryphon (sgryphon) wrote :

I ran across this trying to set up an IPv6 machine, and found that does not support IPv6.

Unless it is doing something extremely funky, it should be as simple as adding an IPv6 address and setting up the AAAA record.

Currently there are a bunch of A records,,; there should be nothing in the stack that cares which IP address, or what type, the value resolves to. Just pass in the DNS name and get back whatever IP it gives you.

In fact, if DNS64+NAT64 works as a workaround then you can guarantee that it is as simple as sticking an IPv6 AAAA address on the server -- because that is exactly what you get with DNS64... an AAAA address, and as far as the client is concerned it is IPv6.

If you don't have dual stack to the actual machines, then sticking a reverse proxy in front of it that does have one is pretty simple (e.g. Caddy or Nginx), or there are CDNs that will enable it for you.

It is now 2020, 3 years after this bug was logged. 30% of the Internet now runs IPv6, which is a reasonably significant portion.