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Bug #1659534: userdel doesn't supports extrausers Undecided In Progress 4 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: shadow_4.5-1ubuntu1.debdiff

debdiff for bionic

Bug #1650688: timedatectl set-timezone fails on UC16 High New 107 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: retry-non-atomic.diff

Retry locatime symlink in a non-atomic way (untested)

Bug #1672740: Netplan replug function is incompatible with ath9k_htc module Undecided New 109 weeks

From: Domotz Ubuntu Core
Link: diff.file


Bug #1647333: adduser misses extrausers support for group management Undecided New 119 weeks

From: Oliver Grawert
Link: usermod-extrausers-group.patch

fix a typo ...

Bug #1555567: [snaps] License information from the store not available High Confirmed 135 weeks

From: Robert Ancell
Link: 0001-Pass-through-license-field-from-the-store.patch


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