Comment 1 for bug 1711249

We are developing snapd because people we interact with actually like snaps. I applaud flatpak and appimage developers but I don't think we should ask an ill-defined "community" and then choose to close the shop because they voted one or another way. As for the claimed data: who did you ask?, how many people are in this community? how many people understand how flatpak, appimage and snapd work? how many developers vs users did you ask?

Asking community about complex technical decisions is like asking for random people about brexit. Most people cannot grasp the complexity behind the problem, yet alone have an opinion.

In the case of "linux community" there is no such thing, there is no way to enumerate us, let alone make scientifically valid studies.

So really, we develop snapd because we think it's a great way to distribute software, the people that interact with us (users and developers alike) like what they are getting and I have never seen this amount of positive feedback on a project as young as this.