Comment 0 for bug 1668738

Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

We have failure reports from the core snap that fail on refresh with the following error message:

download-snap: Undoing
validate-snap: Done
mount-snap: Undo
stop-snap-services: Undo
remove-aliases: Undo
unlink-current-snap: Undo
copy-snap-data: Undo
setup-profiles: Undo
link-snap: Undo
 INFO Requested daemon restart.
set-auto-aliases: Undo
setup-aliases: Undoing
start-snap-services: Undone
cleanup: Done
run-hook: Error
 ERROR error: cannot find installed snap \"core\" at revision unset

The reason for this error is unknown. It may be related to the ubuntu-core -> core transition. It may be related to the snapd restart.

We know the error does not come from "cmd/snap/cmd_run.go", because the error is differently formated in this case (osutil.OutputErr() is used there so we have a --- in the log messages).