Comment 10 for bug 1470265

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

That falls into the category of redefining the APP_ID, which is doable, but as mentioned, there is a lot that uses the APP_ID and making a change like this needs to be carefully researched, planned, coordinated and executed (especially when considering the Touch move to Ubuntu Personal). The APP_ID concept is part of application lifecycle, trusted helpers (eg, online accounts, media-hub, mediascanner, thumbnailer, ...), scopes-runner, unity8, systemd services, content-hub, snappy binaries, UAL, ubuntu-core-launcher, the store, and security policy (this list is certainly not comprehensive). The APP_ID is (currently) rigidly defined as <pkgname>_<appname>_<version> where '_' is not allowed in <pkgname>, <appname> or <version> and things are implemented using this definition. Since we already have a mechanism for people to work within the (currently) defined system (ie, use 'exec' in the 'binaries' yaml), why not just make it easy for people to use this mechanism (ie, my suggested option)? If people feel strongly that the APP_ID should be redefined, I think the discussion should be raised to the architects team.