Snapcraft 4.5.1 - cannot pack “/data/prime”: mksquashfs call failed: signal: segmentation fault (core dumped)

Bug #1916552 reported by Phillip Hernandez on 2021-02-23
This bug affects 2 people
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Bug Description

Since 4.5.1 was released builds of arm64 have been failing with the error below. Builds of amd64 and armhf seem unaffected with the same snapcraft.yaml file. This effects 2 projects that I work with.

The snapcraft build files can be found:

Sorry, an error occurred in Snapcraft:
Failed to create snap, snap command failed:

error: cannot pack "/data/prime": mksquashfs call failed: signal: segmentation fault (core dumped)

We would appreciate it if you anonymously reported this issue.
No other data than the traceback and the version of snapcraft in use will be sent.
Would you like to send this error data? (Yes/No/Always/View) [no]:

-- added by diddledan:

This is reproducible locally in docker for an affected app with diddledan's snapcraft container image using the following steps:

1. edit /etc/docker/daemon.json, or /snap/docker/current/config/daemon.json to ensure that `"experimental": true` is set
2. if you changed daemon.json restart your docker daemon, e.g.:
   systemctl restart snap.docker.dockerd.service
3. docker run --rm --privileged tonistiigi/binfmt:latest --install all
4. sudo mkdir /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/policy/namespaces/docker-snapcraft
5. docker run --rm -it --platform=linux/arm64 --privileged --security-opt apparmor=":docker-snapcraft:unconfined" -v $PWD:/data -w /data diddledan/snapcraft:core18
6. sudo rmdir /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/policy/namespaces/docker-snapcraft

The container image is built using diddledan's code at

Sergio Schvezov (sergiusens) wrote :

Thanks for the report. I would need some more information order to correctly triage:

- how snapcraft was invoked
- host system this was run on
- version of snapd
- is this CI, are there CI build logs accessible?

If running with "snapcraft --debug", does running "snap pack prime" cause the same segmentation fault?

Changed in snapcraft:
status: New → Incomplete
Phillip Hernandez (samwiseg0) wrote :

- how snapcraft was invoked
It was invoked from a GitHub workflow found here.

- host system this was run on
The build were created using QEMU and Ubuntu 20.04 via GitHub

- version of snapd

- is this CI, are there CI build logs accessible?
Yes. The build logs can be found here.

After some further testing it seems to be an issue between the latest QEMU version and snapcraft.
After reverting to the previous QEMU version. The build process works again.
  - name: Set Up QEMU
        uses: docker/setup-qemu-action@v1
          image: tonistiigi/binfmt@sha256:df15403e06a03c2f461c1f7938b171fda34a5849eb63a70e2a2109ed5a778bde
I am not sure what QEMU may have changed that has caused an incompatibility with snapcraft/snapd and the latest version of QEMU.

Changed in snapcraft:
status: Incomplete → Triaged
affects: snapcraft → snapd
Daniel Llewellyn (diddledan) wrote :

I've amended the description to include reproduction steps.

description: updated

Am I reading this correctly that the builds are done on an amd64 host actually, but there is a binfmt handler that uses qemu for executing arm64 binaries?

Does `snap pack` also fail on an actual arm64 host, eg. Raspberry Pi 4 or in arm64 VM?

Daniel Llewellyn (diddledan) wrote :

Yes, you're reading correctly. The build is executing using qemu-user via binfmt to emulate arm64 on an amd64 host, which is set-up by the tonistiigi/binfmt container image. This is required for execution on GitHub Actions because GitHub has no arm-native hosts.

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