Comment 11 for bug 1575593

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

I discussed this with John Lenton and Zygmunt Krynicki a few weeks ago. My notes say that we agreed:

 * ship manual pages under /snap/man in the normal way
 * deduplicate pages by name (i.e. prefixing "<snap-name>.") in the same way as is done for binaries; this means that if you have a binary called <snap-name>.<program-name> with a manual page then "man <snap-name>.<program-name>" will work, which seems most likely to match user expectations
 * add /snap/man → /var/cache/man/snap mapping for index database caches to man-db, so that snap-installed manual pages can be indexed for use by apropos/whatis

I released man-db 2.9.1 today implementing the last of these and also uploaded it to Debian unstable, so it should be in Ubuntu 20.04. Backporting the relevant one-line change ( to earlier Ubuntu series would be possible, but it's not a hard requirement since this is only needed for apropos/whatis, not for simply reading the page using "man".

I believe others are taking care of the snapd side of things; I haven't been keeping track of that.