ubuntu-core-launcher nvidia driver detection is bogus

Bug #1615248 reported by Oliver Grawert
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Zygmunt Krynicki
snap-confine (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description


Snap-confine contains special support code for Nvidia proprietary driver. This code used a rather naive approach to detect the driver, it was looking for directories matching /usr/lib/nvidia-*.

This worked fine as long as the number of found directories was either zero (nothing to do) or one (we know which driver to use). The problem arises when driver updates cause leftover (even empty) directories to match that glob pattern. Snap-confine would just bail out and abort.

Now snap-confine looks at /sys/modules/nvidia/version to know which version of the driver to use (if any). This change was recommended by
Alberto Milone who maintains the nvidia proprietary driver packages in Ubuntu.

For more information about the execution environment, please see this article http://www.zygoon.pl/2016/08/snap-execution-environment.html

[Test Case]

As a test case, install an nvidia proprietary driver package (any version will do) by using software-properties-gtk and using the additional software tab or by installing one of the nvidia-* packages (e.g. nvidia-346). Then create an unrelated directory, not corresponding to any actual driver version, e.g. /usr/lib/nvidia-123.

If snap applications continue to work then everything is good. In the past snap-confine would print an error message and bail out.

This test has to be started on a machine that is using actual nvidia hardware and has the nvidia proprietary kernel module loaded.

[Regression Potential]

 * Regression potential is minimal. The same behaviour is applied as before, just the driver detection code is less dumb and actually knows which driver is running by asking the kernel.

[Other Info]

* This bug is a part of a major SRU that brings snap-confine in Ubuntu 16.04 in line with the current upstream release 1.0.41.

* snap-confine is technically an integral part of snapd which has an SRU exception and is allowed to introduce new features and take advantage of accelerated procedure. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SnapdUpdates

== # Pre-SRU bug description follows # ==

older nvidia drivers used to leave dangling symlinks behind in their dirs in /usr/lib/nvidia-$version which makes dpkg not remove the directory on package removal:

libnvidia-opencl.so.1 libnvidia-wfb.so.1

libnvidia-fbc.so.1 libnvidia-wfb.so.1

libnvidia-fbc.so.1 libnvidia-wfb.so.1

ubuntu-core-launcher seemingly only checks for the existence of multiple nvidia-* dirs to throw the:
“multiple nvidia drivers detected, this is not supported”

there is only the nvidia-361 driver installed on this machine but it was upgraded LTS->LTS and originally installed with 12.04.

instead of checking if there are multiple directories the check should instead look for something like /usr/lib/nvidia-361/libGL.so or libGLX.so so it does not fall over on left over cruft but checks for actual existence of multiple driver libs.

i seem to not be alone http://askubuntu.com/questions/811479

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Abhishek (rawcoder) wrote :

Thanks for your solution, was getting the same error.

This is indeed surprising that they are just checking the dirs for detecting multiple drivers.

I guess the latest update (2.12) triggered it. So we should expect more people to hit this bug.

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Nate Finch (natefinch) wrote :

Here's a workaround.

I have two nvidia directories under /usr/lib:

$ ls /usr/lib -l | grep " nvidia-"
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Apr 25 12:19 nvidia-304
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Apr 25 10:32 nvidia-352

Removing the unused one fixes the bug. First, figure out which one you're using:

$ dpkg -l |grep ^ii| grep nvidia-[0-9]
ii nvidia-304 304.131-0ubuntu3 amd64 NVIDIA legacy binary driver - version 304.131

Now, delete or rename any other nvidia-* directories (any that aren't the one in use):

$ sudo mv /usr/lib/nvidia-352 /usr/lib/old-nvidia-352

(I renamed mine rather than deleting it because I am extremely paranoid when it comes to mucking with video drivers in any way, but deleting it is probably totally fine, too.)

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
affects: snappy → snap-confine
Changed in snap-confine:
importance: Undecided → High
assignee: nobody → Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
status: New → Triaged
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Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga) wrote :

It would help if we knew how to identify the actually active driver

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Alberto Milone (albertomilone) wrote :

Kernel space is much more reliable, as the system can use only one nvidia kernel module at a time.

You can check the following file:


and you will get something like 367.44 (the format being "$major_version.$minor_version\n"). You can pick the major version, and use that to determine which libraries to load, as the path is /usr/lib/nvidia-$major_version.

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

% cat /sys/module/nvidia/version
% dpkg-query -W nvidia*
nvidia-352 361.45.11-0ubuntu4
nvidia-361 367.35-0ubuntu1
nvidia-367 367.35-0ubuntu1
nvidia-opencl-icd-352 361.28-0ubuntu1
nvidia-opencl-icd-361 367.35-0ubuntu1
nvidia-opencl-icd-367 367.35-0ubuntu1
nvidia-prime 0.8.4
nvidia-settings 367.35-0ubuntu1

On IRC, it was recommended to just purge the older nvidia driver versions as a workaround. I'm about to try that and if I don't follow up then that probably wasn't a good idea. :)

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

FWIW I have a GeForce GTX 760/PCIe/SSE2

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :


% ls /usr/lib -l | grep " nvidia-"
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Mar 4 23:16 nvidia-352/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 12288 Aug 10 16:53 nvidia-361/
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Aug 10 16:54 nvidia-367/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Aug 10 16:53 nvidia-367-prime/

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Purging nvidia-352 and nvidia-361 does not remove any of these subdirs.

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Neither does purging fix the original bug.

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Nate Finch (natefinch) wrote :

Not to be a pain in the butt, but why is a hello-world snap that just does echo "hello world" doing anything with video drivers?

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Alberto Milone (albertomilone) wrote :

@Barry: 352 and 361 are transitional packages

Michael Vogt (mvo)
Changed in snap-confine:
importance: High → Critical
Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
Changed in snap-confine:
milestone: none → 1.0.41
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Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga) wrote :

This is fixed by this pull request: https://github.com/snapcore/snap-confine/pull/129 (still in progress).

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Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga) wrote :

Nate: to reply to your question. Currently snap-confine has special code for supporting nvidia and this code runs unconditionally. In the future it may be generalized enough that all the regular interface features that snapd can influence will be sufficient to support nvida. For now that is not the case.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
Changed in snap-confine:
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
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Neil McPhail (njmcphail) wrote :

I think this is a different issue to Bug #1574851 which is marked as a duplicate of this bug, as that happens even with only one nvidia version installed.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
Changed in snap-confine:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)
description: updated
Changed in snap-confine (Ubuntu):
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Changed in snap-confine (Ubuntu Xenial):
status: New → In Progress
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Leo Arias (elopio) wrote :

I have no machine available with an nvidia card, so I can't verify this one.

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Luca (zapduke) wrote :

After the fix Blender and Krita started working, but I receive the same error for other snap like ubuntu-clock-app, chiche, rubecube. Any idea why some works and some don't?

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