Comment 15 for bug 741628

Pierre Pietri (pf-pietri) wrote :

Dear M. Kagan,

I'm really sorry to offend you in making what seems to you a misplaced post.
(Maybe I offend you also with my awkward English...).

In fact - i f you carefully read the former 2 posts (mine, preceeded by Hugh Redelmeier's one, you'll understand that I just intended to re-install a version from the availibility date of 10.04 (whensimple-scan worked almost perfectly), in response to his sugggestion:

          "could you backport the fixed version of Simple Scan to 10.04?".

This didn't work, and I tried to explain him HOW it didn't work.

Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of "backport the fixed version...".

Anyway, my only aim is - if you read the items in bug 732517 , which is the one I originally posted on 2011-03-10 - my only aim is to obtain that simple-scan works on my Ubuntu 11.04 as well as it used to on 10.04, generating correct pdf files and not suffering from some minor functional and ergonomic regressions that I observed since that time.

Fortunately - thanks to the free softwares rich offer - I could survive during 7 month with alternative products and despite any efficient response from the simple-scan project.

But I really appreciated - just for a few but excyting time - features (ergonomy, graphic capture quality - offered by a certain version of simple-scan. I still hope I will get some satisfaction with coming versions.

I do appreciate your eagerness in answering my post, which means to me that somebody (yourself and Hugh Redelmeier) is still alive and vigilant on the project.