Comment 2 for bug 1053616

Dear Michael,

Am Donnerstag, den 01.11.2012, 07:24 +0000 schrieb Michael Nagel:

> thank you for your interest in Simple Scan and sorry that I did not
> reply earlier.
> Unfortunately we really lack the manpower to properly investigate all
> of the crashes with Simple Scan.

I see. Thank you for your reply!

> Part of the problem is, that a lot of the crashes don't happen in
> Simple Scan itself but in the sane backend (i.e. driver) used. I
> suspect this might be the case here as well.

According to the segmentation fault line in the Linux kernel log, the
crash happened in Simple Scan though. So Simple Scan should handle such
things gracefully I guess. But without more information, no fix can be
found. Maybe we are lucky and I will hit that bug again (with the
debugging package installed now).

> So my change of the status of this bug does not mean that there is no
> problem (I acknowledge there is).
> But I do not want to give the false impression / expectation that
> something is going to happen here.

Thank you for the clear answer. It makes sense and I understand.

> Feel free to update this with follow-up information and to file
> further tickets!
> Thanks again and I am sorry again!

No problem.