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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1402056: [1.1.0] Try to open shared image in PatternWindow will cause a NullPointerException High In Progress 180 weeks
Bug #1244441: [1.0.1] Printing help triggers java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Critical Fix Committed 239 weeks

From: Gilles Filippini
Link: printhelp.patch


Bug #1186503: [1.0] IDE: mouse press to selection region will display wrong line highilighter High In Progress 260 weeks

From: Falldog
Link: Fix-the-highlighter-will-not-be-repaint.diff

Patch generate by TortoiseGit

Bug #1101171: X-1.0rc3: Windows: Java_org_sikuli_script_Win32Util_openApp should use SecureZeroMemory Medium In Progress 279 weeks

From: Kristian Karl
Link: zeromemory.patch

Patch to fix the problem. From branch origin/develop, last commit c050fb757de6dd3b2a61ba305ba6ca9c78474385

Bug #1087041: Support "if image in region:" construct Low In Progress 285 weeks

From: anatoly techtonik
Link: ifin.patch


Bug #702625: x 1.0rc1: Linux: Fedora 14: Capture crashes Sikuli - workaround Low In Progress 384 weeks

From: Edu
Link: 702625.diff

adds tesseract data dir path for Fedora and fixes ResourceExtractor

Bug #614456: [request] option to lock mouse movement+click to prevent user from interrupting Medium In Progress 404 weeks

From: niknah
Link: mousemove.patch


Bug #512476: [1.0.1] the path to sikuli scripts can't contain non-roman characters Medium In Progress 407 weeks

From: niknah
Link: bundlepath.diff


Bug #595741: image button displayed on top of code WinXP Undecided Fix Committed 414 weeks

From: Timothy Arceri

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