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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) wrote : Re: Exit() closes IDE

@ Deutsches Ei ;-)
Since it is rather easy, to "implement" something, that makes it necessary to abort the script:
ALWAYS save the script, before running it again, after having made changes.

If you abort a script running in the IDE using alt-shift-c, it is a known problem, that this might not work at all or that it works, but leaves the IDE in an unstable state.
In either case, it is necessary to abort the underlying java process.
I usually restart the IDE after having used alt-shift-c

If you face these problems: Edit you script in the IDE, but run it from command line in parallel (this has the goody, that you are forced to save the script after changes ;-)

--- using exit()
using exit() should not stop the IDE.
- make sure you use the latest version r930

Paste a snippet, where you have this problem.