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german egg (principito) wrote : Re: Exit() closes IDE

... the same thing happens to me.

my system is "XP professional sp3".

i use the "SIKULI-RC3" version.

i hit the "RUN"-button within the sikuli-ide.

(JRE 6.5)

the problem is not only when i use exit() within the script....

but also when i interrupt the running script with ALT+SHIFT+C something REALLY STRANGE happens:

it LOOKS like the script is interrupted: the sikuli ide-window opens ... but in the background the script is STILL RUNNING!

the mouse STILL moves automatically over the screen and tries to click on things. ...?!?

(the only way to stop the script seems to kill the jawa-task with windows... but then i cannot go back to editing the script in the ide. because both the running script and the sikuli-ide are closed.)

any suggestions for me?