[1.1.4] Windows: App using window title only finds one app, should find all using focus(index) --- partly fixed 2018-10-31

Bug #1800512 reported by RaiMan on 2018-10-29
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Bug Description

--------------------- partly fixed --- see docs!
- only on Windows, Linux still problematic
- window titles only useable with app = App.focus(title [, index])
- a matching app is running or nothing happens
- usage:
app = App.focus(title) # first matching app
app = App.focus(title, 3) # 4th matching app
- app.isValid() can be used to check for success
- if app is valid, the window should have come to front

------------------ the problem
Beginning with 1.1.3 an App object is defined only by the executable. Hence the side effect of specifying (part of) the window title (Windows only) to define an App object is no longer available.
And with that the possibility to focus an app by its window title is gone too.

I will fix it, but it will work slightly different than in 1.1.2

------------------ workaround using executable
In case you have some instances of the same executable running, you can currently switch/focus using:
app = App("executable") # instead of window title
app.focus(0) # first instance found
app1 = app.focus(1)
app2 = app.focus(2)
the returned app object's pid is <0 if not valid
you might also check with appN.isValid()

------------------ workaround using window title
import org.sikuli.natives.WinUtil as WinUtil
App() # once at the beginning to load the native lib
pid = WinUtil().switchApp(title, index)
which brings the window to foreground (if exists) and returns the pid (0 if a window with the index is not found)
In this case you will not have an app object for the window.


system: windows 10
situation: There are 5 applications with the same name running on the system. (With different PIDs)

In version 1.1.2, I can use App("some-text-of-window-title") to get all the windows of the 5 app. But in version 1.1.4, it failed.
If I use APP("app-name-show-in-taskmanager"), it only returns the first app-object.

So , I want to know how can I get All the windows that contains the same keyword in their window titles. My scripts are as follow(It runs well in 1.1.2, but failed to find any windows in 1.1.4):

def getApp(sKeyWord):

    allClient = App("+%s" % sKeyWord)
    clientList = []
    windowList = []
    if not allClient:
        error_message("No client found with title %s" % sKeyWord)
        return clientList, 0, windowList
    iMainWindowIndex = getMainWindowIndex(sKeyWord)
    for i in range(10):
        oneClient = allClient.focus(i)
        #oneClient = allClient
        pid = oneClient.getPID()
        if pid <= 0:
        info_message("========Client:%d pid=%s=============" % (i, pid))
        w = oneClient.window(iMainWindowIndex)
        if not w.isValid():
    info_message("title = %s, client found:%d" % (sKeyWord, len(clientList)))
    return clientList, len(windowList), windowList


in 1.1.2:
[22:37:33][4299:4885] ========Client:0 pid=2932=============
[22:37:33][4299:4885] ========Client:1 pid=1992=============
[22:37:33][4316:4885] title = Revision, client found:2

in 1.1.4:
[error] App.focus failed: not running: [-1:+Revision (???)] +Revision
[22:38:45][4316:4885] title = Revision, client found:0

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) wrote :

I will check and fix asap.

Changed in sikuli:
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → High
assignee: nobody → RaiMan (raimund-hocke)
milestone: none → 1.1.4
RaiMan (raimund-hocke) on 2018-10-30
summary: - [1.1.4] Windows: App using window title only returns one app, should
- return all
+ [1.1.4] Windows: App using window title only finds one app, should find
+ all using focus(index)
RaiMan (raimund-hocke) on 2018-10-30
description: updated
RaiMan (raimund-hocke) on 2018-10-31
summary: [1.1.4] Windows: App using window title only finds one app, should find
- all using focus(index)
+ all using focus(index) --- partly fixed 2018-10-31
RaiMan (raimund-hocke) on 2018-10-31
Changed in sikuli:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
description: updated
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