Comment 29 for bug 511942

Vladimir Rutsky (rutsky) wrote :

I observe bug similar to described in this report with version 0.86.4 from Shutter's ppa.
Original report of this bug marked as duplicate of this is:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create directory for screenshots:
 $ mkdir -p /tmp/shutter/screenshots/dir
2. Start shutter with clean configuration:
 $ cd
 $ mv .shutter .shutter_
 $ shutter
3. Open Edit -> Preferences. Main tab. By default "Directory" is home directory.
4. Click on directory value---list of common directories will be poped down, select "Other..."---directory selection menu will appear.
5. Copy-paste in Location "/tmp/shutter/screenshots/dir/" and press Open. Shutter will show, that Directory for saving screenshots is "dir".
6. In Shutter window press "Full Screen" for taking screenshot.

Observed behavior: screenshot is taken in user's home directory.
Expected behavior: screenshot is taken /tmp/shutter/screenshots/dir/.

Bug is not fixed, I suggest to reopen it.