Make screen darkening in selection mode optional

Bug #1791492 reported by Jeff Compton on 2018-09-09
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when I try to make a screenshot, the screen goes very dark. I cannot see the mouse pointer any more, especially since the mouse pointer cross is so very small. It takes me like three minutes or more to find it by slooowly hovering the mouse across the screen back and forth and guessing where it might be. Depending on background color, it happens that I cannot see it at all, even when I know that it is at position 1,1.

In the settings I have not found any option for: "Leave screen *as is* and show me a clearly visible mouse pointer".

Is it at all possible to keep the screen just as it is, when taking a screenshot?

Thanks and best regards

Photon (michael-kogan) wrote :

The visibility of the cursor depends on the cursor theme which is in use. In my case the cursor is rather dark as well, so I usually just draw a rectangle without seeing the cursor and then adjust it afterwards. You can also specify a default selection rectangle position and size, such that you then only need to adjust it to the position and size which is actually necessary. But the easiest solution would probably be to change the cursor theme which is lighter.

summary: - Mouse cursor not visible when trying to take screenshots
+ Make screen darkening in selection mode optional
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Jeff Compton (jcompton) wrote :

Thank you for your reply.

I just changed my mouse cursor theme from "Breeze" to "Breeze Snow", and it's still almost invisible. Did you mean the system's mouse cursor theme, or is there another cursor theme setting inside Shutter?

Photon (michael-kogan) wrote :

Yes, I meant the system's theme. Breeze Snow seems to have a white cross symbol, I am surprised that it is still invisible! I tried "DMZ (white)" and it is quite well visible on the dark background.

Jeff Compton (jcompton) wrote :

With DMZ (white) it works very well indeed.

Thanks for your help and for putting this on the wishlist, I'm hoping that an option for not darkening the screen won't be a lot of hassle to program.

Photon (michael-kogan) wrote :

Well, since Shutter is not being developed for several years already, the wishlist status is rather of cosmetic nature. I wouldn't expect it to get implemented any time soon, unless a new developer takes on Shutter's development.

overkill22 (overkill22) wrote :

I'm having the same problem. The crosshair is very dark as the selection's overlay.
I don't want to change the mouse theme just for this problem.
A solution to have either a standard white crosshair could be perfect. I'm fine with the dark background, it helps to focus on what you are screenshotting.
Having a white crosshair somehow in Shutter could be perfect.

Best regards

overkill22 (overkill22) wrote :

In the meanwhile, I found a workaround.
In the folder /usr/share/icons/youricontheme/cursors/
change the file "cross" with the one in /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursors.
You can use any "cross" file that you like found in your favourite cursors theme.

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