Comment 2 for bug 949054

Yah, not feeling any of them right now.

Any other ideas?

What's Shared
What's Sharism?
Sharism History
Global Sharing
Wall of Sharing
Sharing Waterfall

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 9:27 AM, Spencer <email address hidden> wrote:
> Flow is cheesy, I immediately think of menstrual flow. Stream is just as
> bad, conjures up "piss stream" or loney Thoreau types crying by a river
> bed. "What's Being Shared" is too literal and "Sharing Wall" is probably
> too FB and 1989, but definitely beats the others.
> Other options: Share Prism, Sharhizome, Sharism Zone
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> Title:
>  rename the sharing flow to the sharing stream
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