Comment 8 for bug 1212174

I'm totally agree with people that this is an important UX issue.I don't know how big are the APIs limitations but, as Justin said, if these API limitations are a real problem for pagination issue, those limitations should be fixed.

In my opinion, the idea of take all the data and then manage the pagination in the client side, could have some performance problems (may be there is a project with 100 VMs or even more).

A web application, like Horizon, should be able to manage pagination (using AJAX or not) in all the pages where it displays a list information (instances, volumes, images, etc.). This is a mandatory requirement for any web application. Also, the "items per page" should be configurable per user(this is already accomplished) and, why not, as Julie mentioned, items per page and per view.

Any of you knows the real impact of this change in the APIs (horizon, nova, cinder, glance)?