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Bug #828711: RFE: Function list Low Fix Committed 372 weeks

From: proycon
Link: scribes.patch

(C++) Symbol Browser v0.2

Bug #817634: configure script bug Undecided New 433 weeks

From: ndowens
Link: scribes-0.4-dev-build954-configure.patch

Patch for configure

Bug #817158: RFE: Spanish translations Undecided New 433 weeks

From: Noe Nieto
Link: translations_esMX.patch

Spanish translations

Bug #774119: wrong python version being used Undecided New 445 weeks

From: Konrad Strack
Link: python_version.patch


Bug #480179: [win] Scribes presumes paths to be unix -like Wishlist Triaged 522 weeks

From: Sir.Rainbow
Link: paths.patch


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