Comment 6 for bug 696970

Awesome. Matlab actually has its own editor that copies some of the key
bindings of emacs. It's mostly handy because the debugging tools can be used
seamlessly with the command line, but I prefer scribes for serious work.
The octave syntax highlighting is pretty close, so that's what I've been

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 11:50 PM, Mystilleef <email address hidden> wrote:

> The pleasure is all mine. I don't any matlab hacking, but I'll take a
> look at the matlab editor in Emacs.
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> Title:
> RFE: Toggle comments in R
> Status in Simple, Slim and Sleek Text Editor for GNOME:
> Fix Released
> Bug description:
> Similar to #601071, the <alt>c command for toggling a comment block
> does not work in R. I'm using Scribes in ubuntu 10.10, installed from
> the Ubuntu PPA, per the October 7, 2010 blog instructions.
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