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Bug #1133068: Quick succession of keypresses do not register (with patch) Undecided New 326 weeks

From: Doug Patti
Link: fix_quick_press.patch


Bug #1059181: Patch, adding timout command line switch and showing only keys with modifires Undecided New 347 weeks

From: zhum
Link: screenkey.patch


Bug #657375: RFE: Make pressing space key visible Medium Confirmed 357 weeks

From: Markus Graube
Link: VisibleSpaceAndBackSpace.patch


Bug #756346: Screenkey hangs when trying to access 'preferences' or 'about' High Fix Committed 400 weeks

From: Eiichi Sato
Link: 00051-Fix-thread-synchronizations--.patch


Bug #617793: Numbers with numeric keypad display strange symbols Medium Fix Committed 430 weeks

From: farrer
Link: listenkdb.diff


Bug #635085: No translation for keys Low Fix Committed 454 weeks

From: Jan
Link: keys-translatable.diff


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