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Frederik Elwert (frederik-elwert) wrote :

> I appreciate this bug - can you possibly send me a file where the path generated by scour actually causes a visual problem?

I have attached an SVG file generated by R using cairo as its backend. When running scour 0.14 on it, rectangles (like the border around the legend) loose one edge.

> The example you have given shows the converted path as being identical except for missing the closepath ('Z') segment. Scour 0.14 was simply dropping the Z segment (closepath) and this didn't cause a problem in Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Ok, than I misunderstood what scour was trying to do. In many SVG files (e.g., generated by Inkscape) the Z segment can be omitted, since its redundant: The last segment of closed paths usually ends at the starting point. But in the example file, the Z segment is used in a propper and efficient way: Only three segments of a rectangle are drawn, and the Z segment closes the rectangle.

If one wanted to make use of the Z command in scour, one could rather drop the last segment if it ends where the first one starts, and keep the Z segment. But I don’t know how hard this would be to implement.

> I have worked out a modified version of scour that no longer drops the closepath commands. I have checked this in as revision 105. Can you please test it?

Yes, that revision fixes the problem for the attached file. Thanks a lot!