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Hi Douglas,

You are correct. When I view the data.fs file in my earlier version of
school tool I see exactly the same fields as you are seeing. When I view the
information on the live system I see additionally fields. I conclude that
after installation, the application was customized to capture additional
data critical to the institute. When I run the export tool it generates the
heading for all these fields (see attached for reference).

As stated before, any help to obtain additional information is most welcome.
So if dumping the details attribute in an extra sheet does that, as
suggested by Justas, I'll be thankful.

In addition to the data that I already have, the other two critical fields
in the existing data set are: the *data of birth* and the *ID* fields which
I see on the live application. Like the many other fields these appear to be
customized fields and I'm not sure to what extent the tool can populate

Thanks again for all the help


On 16 November 2010 04:25, Douglas Cerna <email address hidden> wrote:

> Looking at the code and after installing and testing SchoolTool 0.11.2-1
> in my Edubuntu 5 VM, I only see the following attributes under "Details"
> for a person:
> - Nickname (A short nickname for this person.)
> - Primary Email
> - Secondary Email
> - Primary phone
> - Secondary phone
> - Mailing address
> - Website
> I can't find code in 0.11.4 referring to gender, ethnicity or any other
> demographics attribute useful to populate the "Persons" sheet in the
> generated XLS. I see no useful attributes there to import back to a
> recent version of SchoolTool.
> Am I missing something? Should we just dump these "Details" attributes
> in an extra sheet like Justas suggested?
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> Add demographics to database export & spreadsheet import
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> Status in SchoolTool: Triaged
> Bug description:
> I was able to recover much information from the file. I was hoping for a
> little more details under the *person* tab. I only got the user name, first
> name and Last name. All the other fields like gender, ethnicity, etc were
> left blank. So our taks is now ahead of us to piece together the missing
> data. However this help certainly makes the task much easier.
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