Comment 2 for bug 410605

I think I have come across the same bug. Or, at least, I am getting an error with the same message. I was trying to rebuild PlannetCCRMA's Fedora 10 package of cm on Fedora 11, and I get the following error:

; compiling file "/home/makerpm/cmsbcl2/cmsbcl/fomus/backend_xml.lisp" (written 25 SEP 2009 04:28:41 AM):

debugger invoked on a SB-INT:BUG in thread #<THREAD "initial thread" RUNNING {10028E8011}>:
    failed AVER:
  This is probably a bug in SBCL itself. (Alternatively, SBCL might have been
  corrupted by bad user code, e.g. by an undefined Lisp operation like
  (FMAKUNBOUND 'COMPILE), or by stray pointers from alien code or from unsafe
  Lisp code; or there might be a bug in the OS or hardware that SBCL is running
  on.) If it seems to be a bug in SBCL itself, the maintainers would like to
  know about it. Bug reports are welcome on the SBCL mailing lists, which you
  can find at <>.

I am going to attach a portion of the code that will reproduce the error. Untar the file cmsbcl.tar.gz and in the cmsbcl directory, run sbcl and load the file bug.lisp. There is probably more code here than is necessary to reproduce the bug. I tried to pare it down, and in fact, when i pare the test down to just compiling and loading the file package.lisp and then compiling backend_xml.lisp (the file that it fails to compile), it gives warning of undefined functions, but does not give the error. That suggests to me that it isn't something in that file that it is having trouble with, but something that happened earlier in compiling other files that caused the issue. Or it may only occur after something is done repeatedly.