Comment 2 for bug 308914

Nikodemus Siivola (nikodemus) wrote :


(defun order-uvl-sets (component)
  (clear-flags component)
  ;; KLUDGE: Workaround for lp#308914: we keep track of number of blocks
  ;; needing repeats, and bug out if we get stuck.
  (loop with head = (component-head component)
        with todo = 0
        with last-todo = 0
        do (psetq last-todo todo
                  todo 0)
        do (do-blocks (block component)
             (unless (block-flag block)
               (let ((pred (find-if #'block-flag (block-pred block))))
                 (when (and (eq pred head)
                            (not (bind-p (block-start-node block))))
                   (let ((entry (nle-block-entry-block block)))
                     (setq pred (if (block-flag entry) entry nil))))
                 (cond (pred
                        (setf (block-flag block) t)
                        (order-block-uvl-sets block pred))
                        (incf todo))))))
        do (when (= last-todo todo)
             ;; If the todo count is the same as on last iteration, it means
             ;; we are stuck, which in turn means the unmarked blocks are
             ;; actually unreachable, so UVL set ordering for them doesn't
             ;; matter.
             (return-from order-uvl-sets))
        while (plusp todo)))