Dropped data on socket (stream) read

Bug #1721816 reported by Matthew Stickney on 2017-10-06
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Bug Description

On Windows, if a client connects to a server, writes some data, and closes the socket, and the server writes some data after the socket has been closed, a subsequent read will fail to read the data and goes straight to EOF. This problem doesn't occur on Linux. CCL also exhibits this bug, so this is likely a Windows API quirk.

sbcl version: 1.3.9, 1.3.12 (a 1.4.0 build isn't available for windows)
Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit

Test code -- call SBCL-READ-IT, then SBCL-WRITE-IT from a second process:

(defun sbcl-read-it ()
  (let ((srv-sock (make-instance 'sb-bsd-sockets:inet-socket :protocol :tcp :type :stream)))
    (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-bind srv-sock #(127 0 0 1) 9001)
    (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-listen srv-sock 5)
    (let* ((sock (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-accept srv-sock))
           (stream (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-make-stream sock :output t :input t :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
          ;; Wait for the client to close the socket.
          (sleep 1)
          ;; If this write is commented out, everything works normally.
          (write-sequence (make-array 40 :initial-element 3 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)) stream)
          (finish-output stream)
          (let ((sequence (make-array 1 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
            ;; With the write above, this returns 0 bytes read; without it, reads a byte.
            (read-sequence sequence stream :end 1)))
      (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-close sock)
      (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-close srv-sock)))))

(defun sbcl-write-it ()
  (let ((sock (make-instance 'sb-bsd-sockets:inet-socket :protocol :tcp :type :stream)))
    (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-connect sock #(127 0 0 1) 9001)
          (let ((stream (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-make-stream sock :output t)))
            (format stream "Rhubarb")
            (finish-output stream)))
      (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-close sock))))

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