Symbol "BIGNUM-TYPE" not found in the SB-BIGNUM package. (SBCL-1.3.11/W32)

Bug #1643771 reported by LL L on 2016-11-22
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Bug Description

This error only appears using 1.3.11.
OS: windows 7, 32bit
No such issue with 1.3.9.

This is SBCL 1.3.11, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
More information about SBCL is available at <>.

SBCL is free software, provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.
It is mostly in the public domain; some portions are provided under
BSD-style licenses. See the CREDITS and COPYING files in the
distribution for more information.

WARNING: the Windows port is fragile, particularly for multithreaded
code. Unfortunately, the development team currently lacks the time
and resources this platform demands.
* (ql:quickload :ironclad)
To load "ironclad":
  Load 1 ASDF system:
; Loading "ironclad"
; caught ERROR:
; READ error during COMPILE-FILE:
; Symbol "BIGNUM-TYPE" not found in the SB-BIGNUM package.
; Line: 53, Column: 52, File-Position: 2151
; Stream: #<SB-INT:FORM-TRACKING-STREAM for "file C:\\Users\\xeltek\\quick
lisp\\dists\\quicklisp\\software\\ironclad_0.33.0\\src\\digests\\digest.lisp" {2

debugger invoked on a UIOP/LISP-BUILD:COMPILE-FILE-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {23E0DC69}>:
  compiling #<IRONCLAD-SOURCE-FILE "ironclad" "src" "digests" "digest">

Type HELP for debugger help, or (SB-EXT:EXIT) to exit from SBCL.

restarts (invokable by number or by possibly-abbreviated name):
  0: [RETRY ] Retry
                                     compiling #<IRONCLAD-SOURCE-FILE "ironclad"
 "src" "digests" "digest">.
  1: [ACCEPT ] Continue, treating
                                     compiling #<IRONCLAD-SOURCE-FILE "ironclad"
 "src" "digests" "digest">
                                     as having been successful.
  2: Retry ASDF operation.
  3: [CLEAR-CONFIGURATION-AND-RETRY] Retry ASDF operation after resetting the
  4: [ABORT ] Give up on "ironclad"
  5: Exit debugger, returning to top level.

"ironclad" "src" "digests" "digest">)))

LL L (fragrans) on 2016-11-22
summary: Symbol "BIGNUM-TYPE" not found in the SB-BIGNUM package.
+ (SBCL-1.3.11/W32)
Changed in sbcl:
assignee: nobody → LL L (fragrans)
assignee: LL L (fragrans) → nobody
Jan Moringen (scymtym) wrote :

The type has been removed in commit 101ab291060383d7a9a97131d78d9ce852d36885 which states:

  It's just a deftype to BIGNUM.

Using CL:BIGNUM instead of SB-BIGNUM:BIGNUM-TYPE should resolve the issue.

Note that the SB-BIGNUM package is internal and its exported symbols present an interface for other parts of SBCL, not for public consumption.

Changed in sbcl:
status: New → Invalid
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