Comment 1 for bug 1439151

On Wed, 2015-04-01 at 11:55 +0000, Douglas Katzman wrote:

> 1) Store the documentation in globaldb keyed by the name of the closure.
> Now that we have re-nameable closures, this is a cinch. (And again, re-naming is not something to be exposed to users - it works just well enough to do some nice system-internal things, because it changes the identity of the closure, which is undesirable)
> 2) don't try to use closures to reduce storage size. Just use DEFUN.
> 3) use a hashtable keyed by the closure. For the more general case this
> should be a weak hashtable.
> It seems to me that (1) is most appropriate here.

I'm in favor of something like (1). I would like to store the actual
deprecation information for functions in globaldb (as is already done
for variables). I previously sent a draft patch for doing that and
making deprecation information available to users via
SB-CLTL2:{VARIABLE,FUNCTION}-INFORMATION to sbcl-devel (attached here
for convenience). Ideally the type of
(info :{variable,function} :deprecated NAME) would be a structure
containing state, since and replacements instead of the current list.

This solution would require/allow handling deprecated functions in ir1
conversion and would free us (I think) from the difficulties of the
current :LATE deprecation implementation for functions.

What do you think?