Comment 3 for bug 1261451

Vasily Postnicov (shamaz-mazum) wrote :

Very strange, indeed. I get these messages when compiling pack.lisp:

;; Compiling file /home/vasily/sbcl-dragonfly/src/compiler/pack.lisp ...
;; Wrote file /home/vasily/sbcl-dragonfly/obj/from-host/src/compiler/pack.fas-tmp
The following functions were used but not defined:
0 errors, 0 warnings
;; Loading file obj/from-host/src/compiler/pack.fas ...
;; Loaded file obj/from-host/src/compiler/pack.fas

Are you using clisp 2.49 (which is 3 years old, asking just to be sure)?

I found that the bug was introduced with commit I specified above using git bisect. Can you confirm this by building sbcl from commit before that (it's 12b1dae...)? Who knows if pack.lisp was changed before that. But do not forget to fix code/late-extensions.lisp first :)