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Steven Xu (stevenxxiu) wrote :

I've used this tool for a while now, but I'm still rather scared to use `rm -rf`. This is because the man page of this tool doesn't prevent `rm -f *`.

For this reason I use GUI file explorers to delete where possible instead of on the terminal.

I do frequent *Btrfs* snapshot backups. But I'm also worried that even if I restore from backup, I'm not sure if the next incremental backup will regard my copied data as a copy and not a move, thus double the backup size.

Another tool that's similar in spirit to this tool is That hasn't been updated in a while, since 2018/02/21. I also don't think it's too straightforward to use these both at once.

I've been wondering if it's possible to add a similar function to this tool, that is to move deleted files & folders into ``~/.local/share/Trash/`?

This would solve the copy-from-backup issue too, as then I don't need to restore from backups on accidental deletion.