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Jeff Johnson (n3npq) wrote :

There are too many aspects to LOOP removal to
be dealt with in a single bug report. I could easily
spend several days writing up blueprints on the various
aspects of this problem and nothing will change.

So I will deal with ordering issues summarily and in a "process flow"
fashion that is most relevant to increasing the quality of a distro:

   Ordering issues are a prime candidate for distro level continuous integration
       ==> so this bug will be attached to the rosa-continuous-integration blueprint
   The ordering issues are currently at a "detection" and assessment level, and
   CI will only increase the rate at which the issues are understood.

   Per Oyvind believes (and I do not) that certain rules might be implemented
   for automated LOOP breaking. The discussion so far is here
   "Been there, done that, dinna work." imho.

   rpm.org has fiddled up several changes to ordering, including using Tarjan's
   topological sort algorithm, and adding an OrderedBy: tag to provide additional
   hints to be used by tpmtsOrder(). The major advantage to the rpm.org algorithm
   is this:
       All LOOP's are eliminated before a topological sort is performed.
   Note that the rpm.org SCCS ("Strongly Connected Component Set") has already been
   ported into @rpm5.org, but cannot just be blindly used or enabled with explicit QA

There's a metric tonne butt load of other peripheral issues that I will ignore for now.

But in general
    Packaging needs to be changed to remove *all* LOOP's because its KISS.
is the right answer here. And automated CI will be the most effective means to
make that happen: RPM already has extensive "make Verify-FOO" QA tests that
need to be tied into an automated CI test harness to detect ordering issues.