Comment 8 for bug 761955

Didier Barvaux (didier-barvaux) wrote :

I agree on the problem. The IP-ID value shall be stored compressed in extension 3.

I however have a question about the way one shall store the IP-ID value in a UOR-2-ID packet with extension 3. Such a packet can store 5 bits of IP-ID in its main part and 16 bits of IP-ID in extension 3. Shall be use both fields (= using a 21-bit field) ? Shall we ignore the 5-bit field when we use the 16-bit one?

Your correction stores IP-ID bits in both the 5-bit field and the 16-bit field at the compressor but uses only the 16-bit field at the decompressor.

I didn't find anything about the correct way to deal with that case in RFCs. Did you find anything on your side?