Comment 11 for bug 123460

joji (joji-tribeofe) wrote :

sorry to get lost there sebastian, i went away for a bit.
let's see if it can work: here's the results of rythmbox -d you had asked for

(21:44:53) [0x80f4028] [rb_debug_init_match] rb-debug.c:141: Debugging enabled
(21:44:53) [0x80f4028] [main] main.c:206: initializing Rhythmbox 0.10.0
(21:44:53) [0x80f4028] [rb_threads_init] rb-util.c:460: GMutex isn't recursive
(21:44:53) [0x80f4028] [main] main.c:215: going to create DBus object
(21:44:53) [0x80f4028] [main] main.c:402: THE END

and yes the error happens consistently when changing multiple song info. the error msg comes up usually 5-10 seconds after closing the dialog box.