Activity log for bug #570271

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2010-04-26 16:23:15 Chris Wagner bug added bug
2010-04-26 16:23:39 Chris Wagner resonate: status New Confirmed
2010-04-26 16:23:41 Chris Wagner resonate: importance Undecided Medium
2010-04-26 16:23:49 Chris Wagner resonate: assignee Chris Wagner (chris-wagner)
2010-04-26 17:05:06 Chris Wagner description I think this is a bug / missing feature in the collection-librarian. Looks like this is a bug (or missing feature) in our Resonate.AudioMetadata library, so is on the collection-monitor end.
2010-04-26 17:14:13 Chris Wagner resonate: status Confirmed In Progress
2010-04-26 18:06:01 Chris Wagner resonate: status In Progress Fix Committed