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Bug #868904: Redshift fails to start with session if no external location provider is available High Confirmed 240 weeks

From: Mark Russell
Link: redshift.saucy.chgdefault.debdiff


Bug #1225567: [PATCH] Mac OS X support Undecided New 245 weeks

From: Geoffrey Thomas
Link: redshift-macosx.patch


Bug #677783: Redshift does not quit upon logout from session Medium Confirmed 305 weeks

From: David F.
Link: terminate-daemon.patch

Call prctl.set_pdeathsig() after forking

Bug #928786: French translation of man page Wishlist New 329 weeks

From: Jon Lund Steffensen
Link: redshift-man-fr.patch


Bug #750510: Support saving of on/off state for following runs Low Confirmed 373 weeks

From: Wolter Hellmund
Link: statusicon.gconf1.patch


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