Comment 5 for bug 319423

I'd like to quote a RedNotebook user who sums up the current state quite nicely (taken from

Note I'm just a fellow user, not involved in development.

Re encryption:

I think this feature is often requested, IMO because for many people the use-case for RN is associated with the old dead-tree format "diaries", and therefore imply keeping confidential information.

However this is a very challenging area of coding to get right, and IMO better to have none at all (at least **within** the program) than to have something like Zip files, or Word or Acrobat that **appears** to give security but turns out to be easily broken, giving the users a false sense of security.

My recommendation is to get to know the existing tools out there to provide filesystem-level encryption and then keep your RN data in a container managed by the tool that suits your needs.

The ones that are easiest to use and come with support aren't free, but IMO if it's not open-source it isn't really secure - but that might not matter to you.

For me, TrueCrypt strikes a good balance, and is very popular - once you get it set up it should basically be transparent to you in daily use.

A bit of a kludge, but much easier and apparently "secure enough" for most people, is 7-zip's native format encryption, just requires un/re-zipping the folder before/after each working session.

I would suggest someone researching and doing this taking good notes, and then coming back here to post a step-by-step "HowTo Encrypt Your RedNotebook" in this thread, and the developer could then put that in the documentation.

Such contributions are an alternative way to "give back" to the open-source community that don't require programming skills.